What is Herdsy?

At Herdsy we’re taking the guesswork, out of livestock farming!

As a Farmer, you have to decide when your animal is ready for market, send it to early and you’ve lost out on valuable income, send it too late and you’re fined for over-fattening your cattle. Just ask UK Beef Farmers who were fined £8.8mn for this alone last year.

There must be a better way?

We thought so too, so we designed a low-cost animal tracking technology that gives you valuable data to help you make that decision easier. 

Key Benefits

Increase your animals’ yield, Lower your costs & Increase your Profits!

What Herdsy gives you is a technology that automatically converts, health & activity of your animal and converts it into Cost, Breakeven & Profitability per animal Daily, Weekly & Monthly. Our advanced tracking collars with our Herdsy algorithms help you to predict the carcass yield of your herd.  Alerting you to problems that lower the value of your herd and advising you on the ideal time to send your animals to market, reducing time on farm per animal, reducing costs and at the same time improving your cash flow and profit margin.

Turn your herd activity into Money in the Bank!!!

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top 5 richest farms in the world

The 5 Richest farmers in the world

Following on with our Top 5 series of articles, here is the top 5 Richest farmers in the world. Liu Yongxing (China) $6.6Bn Liu Yonghao (China) $4.6Bn Steward & Lynda Resnick $4Bn (USA) Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer $3.8Bn (Saudi) Harry Stine $3.5Bn (USA) (Source Agronomag.com)   First & second position is...

The 5 largest Landholders in the World

We thought, we would take a different take on this one but trying to find out who are the largest landholders in the world, not landowners, but those who control, hold or has land vested to them due to their position or office. Some of the results were surprising but enlightening to us here at...

Cows are Killing the Planet?

Unless you have been under a rock for the last few months, you will have noticed a narrative played out not only in social media but also was picked up in the traditional media, the narrative is clear and unambiguous , Cows are largely responsible for the majority of  Greenhouse gases (GHG’s) , several celebrities...
Clean meat what is it?

Clean meat what is it?

Recently there was been a new phenomenon called “clean meat”, clean meat appears to be a marketing term but at its simplest is a meat substitute that has two very different methods either vegetable-based or lab grown cultivation of in vitro animal cells. Clean meat is marketed to those who have a religious, ethical or...
5 largest farms in the world

The 5 Biggest Farms in world

In Farming sometimes size matters, so we at Herdsy have scoured the globe and have located the five largest farms in the world. The size of some of these, farms are staggering. What is surprising that all of the Top 5 are located in just two countries China & Australia! China has 393mn hectares of...
Wagyu Sirloin

The Top 5 Most Expensive Steaks in the World

Given that prices are in some parts of the world are actually below the cost of production, we at Herdsy thought that we would brighten your day and show you, what prices the top steaks in the world are making chips will definitely be extra. So, break out the BBQ and grab a beer and...

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