The Top 5 Most Expensive Steaks in the World

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Given that prices are in some parts of the world are actually below the cost of production, we at Herdsy thought that we would brighten your day and show you, what prices the top steaks in the world are making chips will definitely be extra. So, break out the BBQ and grab a beer and enjoy. Though as a beef farmer, it may want to make you pack your bags for Japan!

  • A5 Kobe Strip Steak €350
  • Full blood Wagyu Tenderloin $295
  • Charbroiled Kobe Fillet $258
  • Select Kobe Fillet $246
  • Wagyu Sirloin $169


Wagyu Cattle means any cattle that is bred in Japan or the Japanese style Kobe Cattle are a very particular breed of Wagyu called Tajima-Gyu raised to strict standards in the prefecture Hyogo whose capital city is Kobe hence the name. Only 5,000 cattle a year are selected to be Kobe Beef and only 10% are exported outside of Japan, imported  Kobe Beef in Harrods sells at £625 per Kilo!

A5 Kobe Strip Steak €350

Kobe Beef Cows are fed beer and massaged daily instead of exercise, sometimes with Sake rice wine to make up for the lack of exercise and to accentuate the fat marbling that makes Kobe so famous.

Full blood Wagyu Tenderloin $295

This cut is served up in Prime Restaurant in Sydney Australia, this is the highest price wagyu beef outside of Japan, produced by the David Blackmore Farm in Alexandra, who is regarded as Australia’s most esteemed Wagyu producer and self-styled “Unconventional Farmer”, known for using traditional Japanese husbandry techniques and practices. To find out more about this exceptional beef:

Charbroiled Kobe Fillet $258

Served up in Aragawa restaurant in Tokyo,

regarded as one of the best steak restaurants in Japan, seating just 15 guests and located down an ally. This 8- ounce steak is served with just a dash of pepper and mustard.

Select Kobe Fillet $246

Fun Fact that Kobe Beef was not exported from Japan until 2012 and that all the beef marked as Kobe in the United States is not true Kobe beef. Only 8 restaurants are certified to serve Kobe Beef and is only enough for 77 American diners and none is ever sold at retail, despite the widespread sale of Faux-Kobe due to legal labelling laws. 

Just in case your feeling flush here is the list:

  1. 212 Steakhouse Restaurant, New York, NY
  2. Alexander’s Steakhouse-Cupertino, Cupertino, CA
  3. Alexander’s Steakhouse-San Francisco Restaurant, San Francisco, CA
  4. SLS Las Vegas – Bazaar Meat by José Andrés Restaurant, Las Vegas, NV
  5. Jean Georges Steakhouse, Aria Resort and Casino, Las Vegas, NV
  6. Nick & Sam’s Restaurant, Dallas, TX
  7. Wynn Las Vegas – SW Steakhouse Restaurant, Las Vegas, NV                                                 8.
  8. Teppanyaki Ginza Onodera, Honolulu, HI

Wagyu Sirloin $169

The Cheapest cut on today’s menu a mere snip at $169 a fun fact that the world famous Golfer Greg Norman has his own signature line of Wagyu Beef called the Greg Norman Australian Prime: Check it out at

If you know of more expensive steaks then please email us in at and we will be happy to add it to our blog.

Wagyu Sirloin