The 5 Biggest Farms in world

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In Farming sometimes size matters, so we at Herdsy have scoured the globe and have located the five largest farms in the world. The size of some of these, farms are staggering. What is surprising that all of the Top 5 are located in just two countries China & Australia!

China has 393mn hectares of grassland of which 331mn is deemed usable for grazing.

Australia has 250mn hectares of grazing usable grassland. Amazingly, Australia has 8 out of the top 10 largest farms in the world, making it a truly Agri-Superpower.

To truly, appreciate their mega size the largest farm in Ireland is 2400 acres  & in the UK’s largest farm is 87,423 acres

The 5 Biggest Farms in The World

RankFarm   Area
1Mudanjiang City Mega Farm, Heilongjiang, China22,500,000 acres
2Modern Dairy, Anhui, China11,000,000 acres
3Anna Creek, South Australia, Australia6,000,000 acres
4Clifton Hills, South Australia, Australia4,200,000 acres
5Alexandria, Northern Territory, Australia4,000,000 acres

(Source World

Mudanjiang City Mega Farm is 50 times larger than the largest dairy farm in Europe and has 100,000 dairy cows. Its footprint  is approximately the same size as Portugal. It was established in 2015 as a response to the Russian Ban on dairy products to the EU, where it stepped in to fill the market need.

Modern Dairy is 50% the size of Mudanjiang and supports 40,000 dairy cows and was established in 2011, at the time was the largest farm in the world.

Anna Creek in Australia has a land area larger than Israel, and rears 17,000 Beef Cattle making this the largest Beef cattle producer in the world.

Clifton Hills was established more than 140 years ago by 4 families and has 18,000 cattle grazing at any one time. The Farm was sold in 2018 to an Australian Cattle magnet, for a reported price between $40-50Mn Australian dollars or €31mn – £27mn at the top end.

Alexandria Farm last but by no means least has been owned by the North Australian Pastoral Company since 1877, has 55,000 cattle grazing and 50 employees who live on the farm.

Some of us can only look on in amazement and envy at the massive size of these mega farms. In my next article I will look at does having a bigger farm mean bigger profits?

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