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top 5 richest farms in the world

The 5 Richest farmers in the world

Following on with our Top 5 series of articles, here is the top 5 Richest farmers in the world. Liu Yongxing (China) $6.6Bn Liu Yonghao (China) $4.6Bn Steward & Lynda Resnick $4Bn (USA) Prince Sultan bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Kabeer $3.8Bn (Saudi) Harry Stine $3.5Bn (USA) (Source   First & second position is...
Queen Elizabeth

The 5 largest Landholders in the World

We thought, we would take a different take on this one but trying to find out who are the largest landholders in the world, not landowners, but those who control, hold or has land vested to them due to their position or office. Some of the results were surprising but enlightening to us here at...

Cows are Killing the Planet?

Unless you have been under a rock for the last few months, you will have noticed a narrative played out not only in social media but also was picked up in the traditional media, the narrative is clear and unambiguous , Cows are largely responsible for the majority of  Greenhouse gases (GHG’s) , several celebrities...
Clean meat what is it?

Clean meat what is it?

Recently there was been a new phenomenon called “clean meat”, clean meat appears to be a marketing term but at its simplest is a meat substitute that has two very different methods either vegetable-based or lab grown cultivation of in vitro animal cells. Clean meat is marketed to those who have a religious, ethical or...
5 largest farms in the world

The 5 Biggest Farms in world

In Farming sometimes size matters, so we at Herdsy have scoured the globe and have located the five largest farms in the world. The size of some of these, farms are staggering. What is surprising that all of the Top 5 are located in just two countries China & Australia! China has 393mn hectares of...
Wagyu Sirloin

The Top 5 Most Expensive Steaks in the World

Given that prices are in some parts of the world are actually below the cost of production, we at Herdsy thought that we would brighten your day and show you, what prices the top steaks in the world are making chips will definitely be extra. So, break out the BBQ and grab a beer and...
Why is it a Piggy Bank?

My family always had livestock, it’s in the blood, although my family were descended from the famous Cambridge Livery family, that coined the phrase “Hobson’s Choice”  due to the fact, that no matter what horse you wanted you’d always, get the one closest to the door. Although my Father & Grandfather were dyed in the wool Dublin men, who kept livestock, pigs in Dublin City, had he of lived, I think my grandfather would have been regarded as an original Hipster. I always wondered at the origins of the piggy bank and I found out that , back when, people used pigs as a means of saving. So, they fattened the animal usually kept it close by, sometimes even under the same roof, hence the idea of the “pig in the kitchen”, and then sold it to their local butcher all because they needed a simple reliable way to save as they didn’t trust banks. Now that’s hipster people producing food in the community for that community and imagine anyone not trusting a bank with their savings? It seems we are going back to old ideas to go forward today but one thing was for sure, Granny & Grandad were no fools.

“Farming is the Most Expensive Hobby I ever had” – R.Hobson Snr

My father was a builder that had a small 30 Acre holding in Kildare, he had to be part time to make it work. He would leave to go to the “paying job” as he called it and sometimes, not all the time, something, would happen to the Cattle that he wouldn’t notice it and it would inevitably wipe out his entire profit for that herd.  When he asked me to find something on the old “computer”, (I think he meant the internet), to help him monitor his herd, I couldn’t find it, not anywhere…

An Irishman & a Ukrainian Mathematician outstanding in their field!

While sounding like the opening line to a joke, I showed my friend Dmitri a Professor of Mathematics, my ideas to use off the shelf sensors with radio frequency delivery and utilising an algorithm to calculate the value and grading of that animal, using a model I had designed by observing livestock. Over the next few months Dmitri would mentor me, so that I could improve on its efficiency, to this day, he remains on as a key advisor to the board.

“If it can’t be done, it can be done in Cambridge”

Herdsy based in world famous city of innovation in Cambridge in January 2016. Herdsy was given a grant by the Cambridge Combined Authority to develop it’s original prototype, this proved that the technology was not only possible but buildable despite the insistence of many experts that a Beef Livestock tracking device was impossible, Herdsy successfully tests a prototype device.

Herdsy Hits Ireland 2016

Herdsy showcases at the Irish National Ploughing Championships, Innovation Arena 2016:The only UK company to be invited to do so: